1. Are you state licensed or state certified?

2. How many years have you been an appraiser?

3. Are you qualified to appraise this type of property?

4. What kind of experience do you have with properties like mine?

5. What experience do you have in this particular market area?

Before you spend your money to hire an appraiser make sure that they are competent and have the experience to perform the job.  Don't waste your money and time with an appraiser who lacks experience.  If you're going to use someone who is unqualified and lacks the expertise that you need, you know what the end results are likely to be.  

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Estate planning
Estate settlements
Tax assessment review and advice
Apartment valuation
Affordable housing valuation
Partial interest valuation
Market rent studies
Dispute resolution
Property partition suits
Zoning issues

An appraisal is a professional opinion of value. The preparation of an appraisal involves research into the particular  market area; an analysis of information pertinent to the property and then the knowledge, experience and professional judgment of an appraiser. The appraiser should provide an objective, impartial and unbiased opinion.

An appraisal report typically consists of: a description of the property and its locale; an analysis of the "highest and best use" of the property; an analysis of comparable properties and information regarding current market area trends. The value indicated by sales of comparable properties, the current cost of replacing a building and what a property's potential income can generate are the most important considerations in the valuation of real property.

We work with property owners to assist in tax appeals, estate planning, the settling of estates, setting market rents and reducing operating costs.

We work with sellers to assist on how to make a property more marketable in order to sell for the maximum price.

No business is an island.  We work with small, medium and large sized businesses to help them with their real estate issues. We're always looking for a way to increase your bottom line and resolve issues.

Welcome to the Tony Kamand Realty LLC website. We are a leading commercial/residential real estate firm that specializes in providing valuation and consulting services primarily in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area.  Our company's philosophy is to provide a fair and objective analysis to assist clients in making informed real estate decisions.  Our clients include financial institutions, investors, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our many years of experience, as well as our commitment to the industry and the utilization of superior technology allows us to provide an excellent service to our clients while controlling our operating costs.   We produce a higher quality product in a more efficient manner due to the in-house systems that we have developed over the years.  Here are just a few reasons that make us your best choice for valuation services:

1. Experienced, qualified and certified full time professionals; 2. High quality, accurate reports as well as knowledgeable and professional advice; 3. Advanced technology as compared to the competition; 4. Full-time staff on-hand Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and 5. Electronic ordering and delivery.  With our knowledge of real estate and our advanced technology, we have become one of the most trusted names in the business.

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